The Oshi Interviews: Kosaka Ryoutarou

Welcome to my regular blog segment, The Oshi Interviews. Here I will be finding out more about different actors by asking those who know them best, their fans!

Today’s interview is with Ri who I interviewed about Haisute actor Kosaka Ryoutarou (小坂涼太郎). Ri runs a Tumblr dedicated to him, which you can find here.

Here’s what she had to say about him.


“Kosaka Ryoutarou is mostly known as Tsukishima Kei from Haisute and probably only as such in general. He doesn’t have a lot of 2.5D shows under his belt, but he did appear in quite a lot of stage plays already. Despite looking stylish and model-type (due to his long physique), he’s actually a pretty good actor who can pull off different kinds of roles you wouldn’t expect from him.”

First of all, how and when did you become his fan?

It’s right before Haisute Itadaki no Keshiki! Because my favorite character from Haikyuu is Tsukki, Ryoutarou already got my interest early on! During that time, Haisute was the talk of the fandom too (Itadaki no Keishi was just announced if I am not mistaken), so it just wound up into discussions with a friend. I was also in Japan just a week before Itadaki no Keshiki opened too, and I was able to get goods from Haisute Shouen when they were made available at Jump Stores 🙂

Me becoming his fan skyrocketed after seeing his performance as Tsukki from both Shouen and Itadaki no Keshiki. My friend got the DVD for Shouen, and someone shared a download to the stream for Itadaki no Keshiki, and the growth from his performance was amazing. There was little awkwardness from the first stage play, but he performed seamlessly for Itadaki no Keshiki. Then he just keeps improving in every stage play he is a part of. He’s amazing.

Watching him perform and meeting him in person also solidified things because there are things you wouldn’t know just from seeing him through a screen. Reading fan reports from different events also made me like him more as an actor and as a person too. There’s this adorable gap on how you see his selfies and SNS posts, how he is on stage and how he presents himself in front of his fans. His humility and calmness just get to me.

As someone who likes both Tsukki and Ryoutarou, what do you think are the similarities and differences between actor and character?

This question was one of the first questions they answered in the pamphlet for Haisute lol. Tsukki and Ryoutarou are very similar physique wise. Ryoutarou also wears glasses but not as commonly seen publicly (via SNS), but he seems to wear them on his private time. He also mentioned that these two characteristics are their obvious similarities.

Personality-wise, from my observation, I think what Ryoutarou has in common with Tsukki is his snark? in terms of humor? Kind of a tsukkomi if I say. He seems pretty good at making such retorts with others (especially towards Asuma Kousuke). Ryoutarou also very respectful of his seniors. Tsukki, despite having a sharp tongue (and making quite critical comments with Tanaka), acknowledges and respects those who are older than him. Though Ryoutarou is too humbly grateful of Kenta to the point that he’s pretty much a fan already lol.

As for the differences… this is quite difficult to think of. What actually strikes me about Tsukki, especially from the early part of Haikyuu, is that he seems like he’s innately smart, and so when you’re already giving out good results without putting too much effort, you end up being satisfied with it. That results in people seeing him as an unmotivated player on the court. He even questioned why there is a need for putting too much effort if, at the end of the day, they could lose against a team who’s way stronger. Of course, that changes as Haikyuu’s story progresses (spoiler alert? XD). For Ryoutarou, he actually knows what he wants to do. He doesn’t seem to mind if he’s in a not that big/known or a relatively new production; he’ll be a part of it and act. He wants to hone his skills and become a better actor.

Thanks for answering that so well! I’m always interested in connections between actors and characters. Next, please give five reasons why he is amazing!

First, he is very simple, whether it’s in his fashion sense or in his disposition. There’s this aura around him that makes him have this simple image. I find the expression “Simple is best!” applies to him because even if he just stands or smiles for a bit, he doesn’t come out strong, but he still leaves an impression. Overall, he’s really just so calming and pleasing to look at ❤

Second, the gaps that he shows! Because he has this simple disposition, you wouldn’t expect when he would show very loud expressions! He talks so soothingly so when he breaks out into a big laugh, it’s very adorable. I think that’s what pulls people towards him too. He seems mature for his age, but he is usually babied by everyone like everyone just wants to be his older sibling or something. XD And like I mentioned earlier, he’s quite a tsukkomi and he knows when to joke around his friends, his seniors, and his fans. One more thing, he may look like he has his self together and is very serious… but for some reason, he has a weird way of expressing himself or constructing his words. If that isn’t cute, then I don’t know what that is lol.

That kind of gap also shows in his characters. Which takes us to the third thing that makes him amazing: he’s a pretty good actor. I am not an expert in terms of acting so I can’t tell anything about technicalities or certain acting terms, but I find his acting impressive. Yes, you can see him improving as Tsukki in every Haisute show, but you can tell how he evolves as an actor when you see the other roles he has. For me, a great actor is someone who can affect or move you as the character they play out, regardless of who they are off-stage/off-cam. That’s what his Date Masamune (Brave10) did to me– the character scared me so much, I was just speechless. I heard that he did so well in Host-chan too, and that is another role that is way different from his 2.5D roles. His Fuwa Daichi (Whistle!) is an interesting character too; there’s something comedic and naive to this role and he just pulled it off so well. What he did for Juvenile and 午前5時47分の時計台 also left those who watched crying. I even read that one fan suggested others to bring a towel for 午前5時 because tissues are not enough, and that made me really curious about what Ryoutarou did there. I hope that he continues to have various roles so we can see his range as an actor (and hopefully I can watch him in those other productions as well).

The fourth one is he is very friendly to his fans. This is just an observation (with a mix of personal experience), but it’s so easy to interact with him even though he is actually shy around them (at least on one on one). Those moments that I was able to joke around him are something I would forever keep close to my heart because I never thought that he would go along with me. I think interacting with fans face to face or doing events with fans is something that he really wants to do a lot. He doesn’t show a lot of himself on his SNS accounts and on his blogs, so he makes a great effort to really put himself out there and enjoy the time with everyone. So for other fans, I suggest that they have the courage to talk to him when given the chance (especially during his fan events) because he will accommodate you well.

Last but not the least, he is very humble. It’s too endearing. He is very grateful for the good things that have come his way, he always cries when he mentions how blessed he is. There was one fan who told him on his birthday event that she and other fans are very happy and thankful that Ryoutarou plays Tsukki. He was so overwhelmed and happy to hear such that he just broke down into tears on stage. He went from being grateful of his height that he could play Tsukki to being grateful of the fans that he is able to continue to take the role of Tsukki. He never forgets to express his gratitude towards everyone who helps him (and the rest of the cast) during every production he is in. For me, he is quite underrated compared to his peers, but whenever he shows something different and he continues to do his best, it amazes me.

You mentioned having personal experience of interacting with Ryoutarou. Could you tell us a little more?

Of course! It’s in his first bus tour that it happened. I wasn’t planning on actually interacting with him, especially with my lack of Japanese communicating skills lol, but it wouldn’t be too bad to try if it happened naturally or if he was within proximity. It was during the last itinerary of the day. We were in a strawberry farm picking all-you-can-eat strawberries. He was talking towards us and then the fans I was with asked him if he could choose some strawberries for them. He asked me if I want some too, so I said yes, and he picked us some! That time, I was thinking of what to say, and I asked jokingly if he was the strawberry farm owner lol. Which he didn’t understand at first because I was pronouncing ‘owner’ properly until I tried to say it in a Japanese way. He laughed and went along with me by saying that he was while handing me a strawberry.

There were other times during that day too (like short exchanges here and there), but that one was pretty much my favorite. Who would have thought he could be that playful and accommodating?

What is the most interesting fact you know about him?

He owns a cockatiel as a pet named Pii-chan! He didn’t mention when he got Pii-chan, but he suddenly got him from a pet store, brought it home, and told his father that he got the bird lol. He doesn’t have a photo of his pet on his blog or Twitter because he finds Pii-chan ugly in photos. He said he would try to post Pii-chan on Twitter, but I guess Pii-chan continues to be ugly on camera XD I’m still hoping that he shows Pii-chan to the world too.

This is a weird fact to share about him, but I just find it adorable that he just impulsively got a bird as a pet even though he said that he is either a cat or dog person.

Awww, I really hope we can see him one day! We’re almost at the end, but one last question: We can choose one of his performances to watch. Which should it be and why?

A lot of his stage play works aren’t 2.5D productions, and all I’ve seen so far are three of his 2.5D shows so I can only recommend from those titles. Because I am sure that a lot of people have seen Haisute, I’m going to recommend Brave10! If one wants to see Ryoutarou play something that isn’t a high school student who’s a member of a sports club, then definitely check out his Date Masamune! Not only has he shown some sword fights in this stage, he has also shown how he can pull off an evil character. One thing to take note of: his laugh and his expressions. Also his tsukkomi scenes which are so natural! He was amazing as that is quite his forte too XD I haven’t seen Brave10 Tomoshibi, but I heard he was still able to maintain his Masamune flair ❤

Right after seeing this stage play, I wouldn’t doubt if he gets more villain roles (like he said that he wants to try)~ Ryoutarou won’t disappoint you with his acting on this stage play!

(( …but if you want something easy to consume (aka something you can easily get/purchase) and not a stage play, please check out Kakurega de Yofukashi on the Sumabo app and get all his ending route for each episode :3 ))

Thank you so much for letting me interview you, and I hope that everyone can check him out!

If you guys want to join in the fun by allowing me to interview you about your oshi, then please feel free to contact me on Twitter @tonbo or by email at 

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