How to buy Tickets for 2.5d Stages

I’ve had a lot of people ask me recently about how to buy tickets for stages in Japan, and so I decided rather than replying to everyone individually I would just make a post in the hope it could also help other people out. The details in this post apply to stage shows only. I’m not going to get into the minefield of other events because they vary so much that it’d be impossible to put something like this together. Also, even within stage plays there are differences (especially when it comes to very small productions) so this is far from being 100% perfect. Please always check the details for any stage you want to go to carefully.

If you have any questions about anything I have written here, please feel free to leave a comment and I’ll reply as soon as I can.

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How to write to your favourite actor

This blog was originally posted a few years ago after many people began talking about appropriate and inappropriate ways to interact with actors on social media. A lot of people found it helpful at the time, so three years later I’m re-posting it again in the hope that it can help more people.

I interact with a lot of actors on social media, but I also write a lot of fan letters. Every time I see actors report that they have received a stack of letters, they always say how grateful they are and how much they enjoyed reading them. Actors do read the letters they receive from fans, and that’s why it’s a great thing to do, but also why you have to be careful. I feel like I’ve written enough of them to have a good idea of how and what to write, so here is my advice for sending fan letters to your favourite actors.

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10 Tips on Buying Goods at Stages

I spend a lot of my time when I go to see shows standing in goods lines, and even more time than that planning in advance what I need and what time I should arrive in order to ensure I can get everything on my list. While you may think it’s as easy as just walking into the theatre and getting hold of those trading bromides or penlights that you want, there are many things you should consider in advance or you may find yourself disappointed and going home with nothing.

Here are my top ten tips for buying goods at stage shows. If you need help with a specific show, my contact box is always open to messages.

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