S.Q.S Episode 5 ~The Case of the disappearance of Takamura Shiki~

Episode 5 of the S.Q. (Solids & QUELL) Stage ran from February 20th March 1st 2020 in Tokyo’s Hulic Hall, a theatre with a capacity of around 900 people. The cast from the first four episodes reprised their roles again for this show, minus Higano Sho who appeared only through videos due to his current commitment to the Engeki Haikyuu Stage. The regular cast were joined by Tanaka Kyohei, Hagiwara Naruya and Oobayashi Motoko, who played other characters.

As Higano Sho’s character Takamura Shiki could not appear in this stage, the story centred around his disappearance. The members of SolidS and QUELL find a letter on the table one morning from Shiki. It states that he’s in a slump at work and is going on a journey and that if they are interested they can follow along. As they are taking in this news, Shiki’s brother Keito visits by chance, and they decide together to follow the clues revealed in the letters. With each clue, they go to new places, meet unique people and learn more about Shiki and themselves.

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