The Oshi Interviews: Ota Motohiro

Welcome to my regular blog segment, The Oshi Interviews. Here I will be finding out more about different actors by asking those who know them best, their fans!

Today’s interview is with Kira who I interviewed about her oshi Ota Motohiro (太田基裕). you can find Kira on Twitter @yukiradaruma.


“Ota Motohiro aka Mokkun had his stage debut during the first season of Tenimyu as a pinch-hitter for the role of Ibu Shinji from Fudomine because the original actor could not reprise the role for the run. Mokkun is left-handed but he does some task with his right hand, including playing the guitar because back when he started playing it he was unable to afford a guitar for lefties and thus taught himself how to play with his right instead. The guiding principle behind Mokkun’s approach to his roles in 2.5D in particular is to add his own personal spin to them but to keep things within the boundaries of the original material in order to give fans a unique experience when watching a stage as compared to reading the manga or watching the anime or playing the game.”

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