The Oshi Interviews: Futaba Yuu

Welcome to my new regular blog segment, The Oshi Interviews. Here I will be finding out more about different actors by asking those who know them best, their fans!

Today’s interview is with Jae who I interviewed about one half of the duo Twin Paradox, Futaba Yuu 二葉勇 (@2BA_yuu)! You can find Jae on Twitter @nightimefjaeril or read her blog dedicated to Saiyuki Ibun (which Yuu will be acting in soon) here.

Here’s what she had to say about him.


“He may be one half of a unit, but his hotness makes for two! He has sexy lips, a jawline so sharp it can cut through diamonds and whenever he’s not busy performing on stage, making music or shooting videos with his younger brother… he’s probably doing something to his hair. He’s Futaba Yuu, the airhead twin!”

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