Tenimyu x Animate Cafe

The Prince of Tennis Musical is currently running a collaboration with Animate Cafe to celebrate the end of the 3rd Season. The collaboration includes food and drink based on all the different teams that featured in the musical, bonus coasters for each item ordered, and special limited goods only available at the cafe.

For fans of Tenimyu, this is an amazing place to spend some time. You can sit and eat while surrounded by posters and stage images from the shows, and listen to familiar songs from the musicals playing over the speakers. With the place full of other Tenimyu fans, it’s the closest you can get to the Tenimyu experience without actually going to watch the show.

I was lucky enough to be able to go to the cafe on March 1st. Although my experience was a little tinged with sadness because my time slot fell at the time I was supposed to be in Kawasaki watching Tenimyu’s Thank You Festival with Shitenhoji (if I had managed to hit for a ticket), it was the best alternative I could have chosen.

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