5 reasons why live viewings are better than live stages

As a theatre fan, watching shows live is one of the best experiences, and very little can recreate that. However, I very rarely try and get tickets for a final show if it will have a live viewing at the theatre.

Instead, I choose to see it live on a different day, and then watch the final show from the comfort of a movie theatre. While seeing the show live is great, I also love the live viewing experience, so I’m here to bring you some reasons why you shouldn’t feel sad if you have to resort to this option.

You can eat and drink in the theatre


Have you ever been watching a show live and suddenly your stomach starts grumbling? As afternoon shows often begin at the time you should be eating lunch, it’s not at all surprising. Eating while inside a theatre is a strict no-no, but luckily movie theatres do not have these same rules, and the best thing is the food is right there for you to buy! This way, you can watch your favourite boys on stage while munching away on popcorn, and isn’t that just the perfect combination?

You get a close view, no matter your seat


Unlike at the live performance where a bad seat means you might be squinting to see what is going on on stage, with a live viewing you’re guaranteed to get close to the action no matter where in the room you are sitting.

It’s easier to get tickets


If there’s one thing most 2.5d theater fans know, it’s that getting tickets for live performances is not easy, especially for the more popular shows. The theaters only have a limited number of seats and that combined with a limited number of performances means that no matter how hard you try, you just can’t get hold of that ticket you want. In comparison, as some shows are live-streamed in hundreds of different movie theaters, it can be a lot easier to get a ticket.

It’s cheaper than seeing the show live


Live tickets can set you back between 8000 and 11,000 yen so if you’re on a tight budget then opting to see the live viewing can be a great alternative. A live viewing at the theater usually costs around 3,500 yen which makes it a lot cheaper than a regular ticket. Not only that, because there are usually so many options for where you can see the live viewing, it’s likely you won’t have to travel far either to get to your chosen venue.

They have special live-viewing only movies


Many franchises have started encouraging people to go to live viewings by featuring special videos after the main performance has finished, and you cannot see these any other way. They are not put on the DVDs or shown anywhere else, so if you don’t see the live viewing, you miss out. Some popular franchises that do this are the Touken Ranbu Musical who always show a final greeting video after their live viewings, and Tenimyu who also live film the performance’s announcement by the cast before the show starts, as well as having the actors greet the camera at the end.

Can you think of any other reasons why live viewings are better than seeing the show in person? Let me know in the comments!



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