6 ways 2.5d Actors are Riding the Pandemic

The world is going through a hard time right now thanks to the pandemic, and Japan is no exception. All over the world, people are doing things to make the time better for people, and some of our favourite 2.5d actors have taken to social media to entertain, inform and support the country during this time.

I took a look into what kinds of things our favourites are up to, and here is what I came up with. If you know of anything else that an actor or franchise is doing to help, then please let me know in the comments.

Heroes Cheer up Kids


Nakamura Yuichi isn’t most well known for being a stage actor, but he has been in a few stage shows more recently. However, he is most well known for his role in Kamen Rider Den-O. It was this role that led him to take to Twitter with the hashtag #ヒーローが子供達を元気にする (“Heroes cheer up kids”). This took off in such a big way that he even featured in the news, and many other Kamen Rider and other hero show actors also joined the bandwagon with their own messages.

The most iconic of this hashtag came from the cast of Kamen Rider Gaim who tagged each other with the challenge to make a video which was made into a montage. Amongst the actors who joined are some familiar 2.5d faces. You can find the full version on Sano Gaku’s Instagram here.

Pedasute Hand-washing challenging


Hand washing is a big thing right now, and a lot of actors have been posting their own responses to the #手洗いチャレンジ (“Hand Washing Challenge”) hashtag. The cast of the Yowamushi Pedal Stage decided to go one step further, and have been tagging each other to take part in the challenge. The tag started with Kujira Kosuke, who tagged Kawaharada Takuya, and from there it just kept going. It’s hard to know where it’s going to end, so posting a full list of the participants would go out of date somewhat quickly. However, you can see the majority of the videos posted so far here.

If you want to try and keep up with the challenge on Twitter, I suggest searching for the following three hashtags at the same time: #弱虫ペダル #ペダステ #手洗いチャレンジ

Ne-maki de katara naito


Some of our most popular 2.5d actors have been streaming live on Youtube under the name Ne-maki de karara naito (“Talking in our Nightwear Night”) to keep us entertained. This series has run since April 7th and will end on April 11th.

The actors who have appeared have varied but include Takahashi Kensuke, Mashima Shuto, Torigoe Yuki, Hashimoto Shohei, Tamura Shin, Nagae Ryoki and Ueda Keisuke. Encouraging everyone to follow their lead, four actors per night have been streaming from their homes from Zoom. With a host of weird chat, cute outfits and lots of laughs, these are definitely worth checking out if you’re stuck inside and need something to do.

If you want to catch up on those you have missed, then you can find the Youtube playlist here.

WE LOVE Tenimyu


With all the hashtags going around, it’s not surprising that Tenimyu cast jumped on the bandwagon. This hashtag, #WELOVEテニミュ was started by first season’s Kato Kazuki, and has members of the cast posting messages about the pandemic using their character’s quotes or way of speaking, along with tagging their team and character name.

With so many seasons, teams and generations, this is an amazing way of bringing actors and their fans together. It’s impossible to know just how many actors are involved, but if you want to check out the tweets search for these hashtags: #WELOVEテニミュ #テニスの王子様 #テニミュよ集え


Gather Around, Gekidan Haikyuu


Not to be outdone by other franchises using their own hashtags, the Engeki Haikyu Stage also created their own. After seeing Tenimyu doing a similar thing and participating in it himself, Shiota Kouhei (who played Tanaka Ryunosuke in the first generation of Karasuno) put up a tweet adjusting one of his character’s quotes to fit the current pandemic situation.

He used the hashtag #あつまれハイキュー劇団員 (“Gather Around, Gekidan Haikyuu”) to encourage other cast members to join in. With this, others came along, many of them using their own adjusted characters lines, posting their own tweets with the same hashtag.

With such a large cast, this quickly took off. If you want to see all the tweets, you can check out the hashtag at the link above. Alternatively, the Engeki Haiyku Tumblr has translated the tweets into English, and you can find them all in one place at this link.



While trying to stay at home themselves and wanting to entertain fans, many actors who don’t often do live streams have taken to the air to keep themselves and us busy. If you’re someone like me who follows many actors, you may struggle to know who to watch. Instagram is a common place for these actors to stream, but some have also streamed through LINE.

Although it’s hard to spotlight when there are so many actors doing it, there are a few I have witnessed or heard about who are going above and beyond and have been streaming every night for the last few days. These are Yamamoto Ikkei (@yamamoto_ikkei), Akira (@akira_no_insta), and Izawa Yuki (@130yuki). Akira and Yuki in particular have also invited guests to their stream each night to keep them and us company.

Have you noticed anything else actors are doing to ride the pandemic? Let me know in the comments!

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